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For many productions my standard PSC kit will be enough. 


  • Sound Devices 833 eight channel mixer/recorder cabled to camera

  • Boom pole with a selection of mics and wind protection

  • Up to 2 x radio mic kits

  • Timecode device for single camera

  • Timecode hub. Production timecode can then be read from most tablets and phones (using a free app)

  • Battery power for all devices

  • Radio mic accessories and consumables

  • Stands and grip


For more complex productions additional kit is available for hire if needed.

  • Another five radio mic kits (a total of seven in all)

  • Timecode devices for sync with up to four cameras, including LTC over audio for 'prosumer' cameras such as Sony A7Sii

  • 7 x IEM (in-ear monitors, for production/client monitoring of audio)

  • Battery powered production cart with dual video monitors and mixing console

  • Timecode slate

  • Sound blankets/acousitc treatment/grip


Some interesting bits 'n' bobs and curios!

  • Ambisonics recording kit

  • MS Stereo recording kit

  • Hydrophone

  • Contact mics

  • Gazebo-based vocal 'booth' for reducing the impact of a reverberant space on location VO recording.

  • Halo reflection shield for VO recording

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